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"Get her while (if) she's available... any event that needs to be {insert chef's kiss}."

Marsha Battee planned my "Tough Titties" launch party, something I could never do (or bear to). It was spectacular, and she made it so smooth and easy.

Get her while (if) she's available for your mastermind, retreat, party, any event that needs to be {insert chef's kiss}!

"Tough Titties" Best-Selling Author & FOUNDER OF TALKINGSHRIMP.COM


"I've spoken at countless events and I have to say Marsha had some of the best and most thorough communication to date."

She was very clear on what was expected as a speaker along every step of the way. I also appreciate she was on time and made sure the event was run in a timely and efficient manner. 
Planning events, working and being a coach is A LOT and Marsha did an amazing job.

Marketing Maven & Founder of Nurses Inspire Nurses

Cat Golden

It was SO lovely working with Marsha.

She is clearly a professional when it comes to event planning and hosting--incredibly timely, thoughtful, organized, mission-driven, heart-centered and simply delightful. 

She thought of absolutely everything and made the experience smooth, incredibly impactful and full of surprises and delight.

Vision, Messaging & Strategy Consultant and Founder of Real World NP

Liz Rohr

"She makes seemingly impossible tasks, not only possible, but exceptional and timely."

I’ve worked with Marsha, attended her events, and even been interviewed for her podcast. She always works hard, learns fast, and is able to adapt to any situation. I’ve seen her set up a conference and a podcast, both in record time. She makes seemingly impossible tasks, not only possible, but exceptional and timely.

Everything Marsha’s done has been awesome and every time I’m impressed by her work ethic and talent for learning in record time.

Marketing Unicorn and Implementation Consultant

Brian Park

"It was a delight to work with Marsha on the Nurse to Entrepreneur Summit. "

Marsha had a vision and worked impressively to execute the vision, all while co-creating the event with the speakers. What resulted was a true collaborative event that allowed everyone to shine and share their knowledge with the attendees.

I feel honored to have been a part of such a high-caliber event!

Resume & Career Expert

Amanda Guarniere

"Working with Marsha was such a breeze. She is ultra organized and gets you what you need, always in the most timely fashion. "

She leads from the heart and her dedication can be felt from the level of detail that she puts into her work. She thinks of everything and goes out of her way to make sure each person has what they need to maximize their experience. Her energy is contagious and her passion is palpable. I can't recommend working with Marsha enough. 

She over delivers and will have you wanting to come back for more!

Manifestation Mentor

Lisbeth Overton

"I felt more comfortable taking a leap of faith after her coaching."

Marsha really helps you push past trepidation and self doubt. She's motivating and provides that extra boost of confidence that we all need. 

She listens to your ideas, helps you come up with solutions, and gives actionable next steps. Not only was she able to answer my questions, she provided tips and resources that helped propel my plans forward.

I felt more comfortable taking a leap of faith after her coaching. 

Senior Program Associate

Kim LeCorps

"Her hard work, thoughtfulness and camaraderie was noted and felt. I enjoyed working with her."

Marsha has been extremely thorough during this process, detailing all progress and status updates leading up to the event. 

Her hard work, thoughtfulness and camaraderie was noted and felt.
I enjoyed working with her.

Emotional Intelligent Nurse Coach and Founder of New Nurse Academy

Tiffany Gibson

Marsha Battee is an event planning strategist and coach for visionary entrepreneurs who want to create awe-inspiring experiences for their clients.

From ideation to day-of execution, Marsha is an expert in all aspects of development, operations, and management, whether it’s a small, intimate gathering or a high-end multi-day experience. 

Prior to starting her own event-planning business, Marsha was an event manager at UCLA, where she produced programming at venues like The Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills and the Four Seasons Resort in Santa Barbara. She’s also worked at notable luxury hotel properties, like The Ritz-Carlton.

Marsha is a graduate of Georgetown University and lives in Washington, DC. When she’s not planning events, she moonlights as a travel nurse and has served on the frontlines during the pandemic.

Marsha Battee

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