case study

In January 2022, I was the operational and logistical guru behind a new venture focused on building a community around in-person events where attendees came together to network and learn about topics centered around one interest, specifically here, starting a business.

We launched that January from stealth mode; no one had ever heard of us before.

And just 6 months later, we went from 0 to 1100 new leads, an engaged clientele paying 4-figure registration fees for our inaugural event, and a $25,000 industry sponsor. 

Soon afterwards, we relaunched early registration for the same event to occur 1 year later.

We even increased our prices by $1,000 per ticket…


And you know what happened?

Some of our attendees from the first event purchased the higher priced tickets right away!

They Registered...

That's the magic that comes from creating a high-touch, life-changing, in-person experience where clients found tremendous value in what they paid for.

  •  Without seeing next year’s agenda…

  •  Without knowing who the speakers would be…

  •  Without caring about flight costs or hotel expenses…

  •  Without securing time off from work…

  •  And even without the fear of a health-related pandemic or crisis putting a halt to their plans.


So, how did we make it happen?

Then most importantly… We delivered on our promise!
  •  We created a unique twist on a very familiar service.

  •  We booked top-notch speakers in the field.

  •  We targeted a very specific audience and knew them like the back of our hand.

  •  We selected the right venue to match what our ideal audience would desire.

  •  And we promised an amazing experience.

Well, we focused on a few things:


And following that very first event, we’ve experienced:

  • A more engaged community that’s excited about our work.

  • Clients who are committed to taking action on strategies they learned from us.

  • True brand loyalty and high satisfaction with their outcomes.

  • Being recognized as budding industry leaders and authorities in our field.

  • Profit potential that we could only imagine when we first launched into the world. 

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